The Gift of Maastricht:

making artists flourish!

Maastricht is a city where artistic and cultural talent can fully develop. We have many top training programs that make this possible. And a lively ‘scene’ in which there is plenty of creation.

Gave, the new art-fund by and for Maastricht, is there to further strengthen the artistic power of South-Limburg. How? By enabling top talents (from the city and surroundings) to make a leap forward to sustainable success in the arts and culture scene.

Gave helps with financial support that makes the development of artists partially possible. Participate? Give to Gave!

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Will you support Maastricht’s top talent in their next step to success?


Does your top talent deserve the next step?

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Accelerating at the right moment. That is the art.

Toegekend: Cyrano

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Let us introduce ourselves: the board of Gave.Fund

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